Thin crust wood Fired pizza

Ideal in a wood fired oven. It’s what I like to call the trifecta of the wood fired oven. Hot stone, top heat (fire) and the convection effect by the dome, that gives the circulation of heat.

This gives it the perfect crunch in a pizza. Also the Smokey flavour from the fire adds a touch you can’t get anywhere else.

Pasta Forno

A classic out of the wood oven. I have a pretty deep background in fresh pasta as I worked in many farmer’s markets over the years delivering fresh pasta. Baking it in a pizza oven with some mozzarella gives you a perfect combination of cheesy sauce goodness in the middle and a crunchy pasta bits on top from the fire. It’s like no other.

Wood Fired chicken wings

Showcasing chicken wing in the wood fired oven was a must for us. For starters, it’s healthier, as they are not deep-fried. Secondly, the smoky flavour from the fire gives you such a nice finish. We have hot, mild, buffalo, and a variety of dry rub options. MUST TRY !

Are you hosting a party, a wedding, a corporate event? Just imagine that the food is also the entertainment. We bring our wood fried oven to you providing your guests with incredible food, and an experience they won’t soon forget!